Closure Workflow

Obtain professionnal approvals easily for your closures. Keep the exact status of what have been done before closures and track back the information quickly.

Drawing Markups

Mark on plans every closure’s captures, notes and comments. Add notes and comments in order to simplify your turn over documentation.

Store 2D/3D Data

Save all photos, panoramas, thermal surveys and 3D capture directly on one single platform. Compatible with every cameras and sensors in the industry.

3D Model And Pointcloud Viewer

Supports Matterport and Cintoo’s virtual tours.

Deliverable Workflow

Simplify submission, validation and approbation processes for your turn over documentation.

Flexible Workflow Approval

Configure and adjust every workflow to fit your needs easily.

Project Deliverable Print Out

Get print out documents ready in PDF.

Scan To BIM

Convert your 2D plans or point clouds models to BIM models with our experienced team.

Market Integration Roadmap

Always working with most notable projects management and documentations brands. Currently supporting Procore and Dreeven.

Warranty Follow Up

Follow warranties and services calls for your clients while monitoring sub-contractors and their time responses.

Project Isolated Data

Flexible technological architecture allowing saves to be withdraw from Exocore infrasctructure to your own.

Equipment Management

Manage every equipments and components from your building in one place.

Building Events

Keep track of claims and events that occurred in your buildings.


Schedule maintenance and assign resources. Apply maintenance plans submitted by equipment suppliers. Visualize upcoming works assigned to your teams.


Manage inventory of spare parts, consumable components and left over materials.

Warranty Management

Reach your warranties plans and services contracts in one point to deal easily with unfortunate events.

Building Systems

Visualize your building’s services and their dependance. Simulate services closure and see the impacts.