Simple, Safe and Robust

Our platform has been designed on a robust and efficient architecture. We can isolate your project from the rest of our Eco-system and apply Class 3 security standards to your needs. In addition, our solution is powered by Microsoft Azure Cloud Services.

Powered by your needs!

Our platform was designed by our project management team from the world of building construction. From the residential sector to the institutional sector, our platform adapts to your reality so that you can focus on your operations and not the documentation of the site.

Smart Documentation built better

Capture in 3D before closing your walls and ceilings, take thermographic images before the envelope
closes, take 3D mechanical installations before the shaft closes, and complete virtual site visits to document progress. Reduce repairs and increase your quality control.

Simplify your project closure

Use our platform to deliver your end-of-project documents. Our platform allows you to obtain the required professionals and track their approvals online.

Convert Traditional project to As built BIM

Document for your operation and be ready for BIM. Our team can convert your 3D models into TQC BIM and this, no matter where your project is in the world.

Optimize closure process

Realize your wall and ceiling closures using our platforms by receiving the approval of professionals directly at the site in addition to keeping the information in case of problems.

We can help

Do not have a team in place for 3D capture on the site? No problem, we can move and do it for you! Already have your team? No problem, we can train you at your offices directly.